Chat-Web Room Agreement

This agreement states the responsibilities of both parties, Room owner and the chat-web chat server.

The person requesting the chat room agrees to pay $25.00 USD per month for a registered room on the chat-web chat server. This gives the person registering the room the rights to have, keep and use the room on the chat-web chat server on a month to month basis as long as monthly payments are made.

Your chat room must comply with all chat-web server rules to remain open, active and registered, including but not restricted to: It may not be of a sexual nature. It can not contain curse words, racist language or other offensive words, names or phrases in the topic, room greet or room name itself. There can be no links to web sites or any type of redirection to another web site in the room at any time by anyone.

The chat-web chat server agrees to keep your room registered to you and accessible through the internet as long as the chat-web chat server is up and open and monthly payments are made. Chat-web will fix any problems with you room in a timely manner, however banning and unbanning people from that room will be the owners responsibility. Room is considered closed when papyal subscription is canceled.

I agree with these terms and would like to rent a chat room on the chat-web chat server. The room name should be (fill in room name, No spaces allowed and must start with a letter or number. Please make sure room does not already exist.)

Fill in the room name and your chat name then hit the buy now button.


Room Name?
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All payments must be USD (United States Dollars) For your order to be completed.

Outside The Unites States? Use this currency converter to figure out what you need in your money for US Dollars.

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