Java problems: If you are having problems loading that chat applet such as Browers3x not found, or have problems with the scroll bars on the chat such as the rooms list not scrolling all the way down. Visit our Java Help Page

Need to contact us?: Drop us an Email

Rooms: Room Creation "on the fly" is not allowed, but you may BUY a room. Click Here for more info


How do I find someone on chat?: To find someone on chat and what room they might be in type /profile Name EXAMPLE: /profile blah To see when they were last seen on chat type !seen blah

What is a Moderator? A Moderator is a person or bot there to help run a room. Most cases Moderators are respectful, and sometimes you get in a room that doesn't know what a TRUE Moderator is. Those are rooms like Chat-Hall. A room where almost ANYONE can get Moderator. But a Moderator can KICK and BAN people when necessary. They can also change the TOPIC to suit the wants of the members in a room. Mods are there to HELP in most cases. Alot of times they are quite the opposite. If you get to a room that a moderator is just flat out abusing power... leave that particular room. If it's a room with @Mobert in it and the Moderator is abusing power... Tell the Moderators in #Opers(the room Opers) and they will help solve the problem.


Can I Be Blue? Yes, and no. You will not get Moderator status (@nickname) by begging. Most Moderators and owners HATE that. Best way to get Moderator status is to be a regular in a room. Don't cause problems, and be respectful. No one's gonna Mod you if your a jerk. You also have a VERY VERY slim possibility of getting Mod in a room that @Mobert is a regular. Please try another room.

Can I be Green? The ONLY time Green does you any good is in a room where it's REQUIRED to speak. If anyone can join the room and talk, VOICE is usually given to show ur a friend of a Moderator. If you don't know any Moderators...Don't ask.


How do I check my memos? Type /services memo check YourName EXAMPLE: /services MobBoss memo check


What is an Admin? An admin is a highly qualified(usually) person or bot here to help look over the chat site. Their job is to monitor the site when they are here. Please keep in mind that they too have lives. So they might not be here whenever you think they should be.


Can I be Admin? There are over 30,000 registered users on Chat-Web and more then 1000 signed on at a single time. Your probably one of them. There are about 7 or 8 Admins... 8 out of 30,000. Honestly... there's not a big shot of getting admin.


What about advertising? If you are caught advertising or reported(by someone admins trust) for advertising the PENALTY is a K-line. K-lines will be explained if you click the link. ANY advertising...Another chat site or not results in a K-line.


What is a K-line? A K-Line is basically being banned from all of chat-web, this means you can not sign on or get into any room until that kline is removed.

Can others see my p2p's or my Private messages? The answer to that is NO. While p2p's are private rumors float around you can listen in on p2p's and privates. Please continue to p2p and private the hell out of each other til ur hearts content. It's 100% safe.


I was kicked for no reason. What can be done? If it's an abusive Moderator, nothing unless it's a server room with @Mobert in it.. If it's another members room on the server, tell the owner(s) and hope they will handle the situation. In most cases an owner doesn't mind taking an abusive Moderators power if it's going to keep people attending their room. That's the owners main goal. To get people in their room and to have them stay. A room is only as good as it's Moderators. A room like #Chat-Hall is an ineffective room that is pointless because ANYONE can get Moderator in there. Temporary Moderators make OTHER people Moderators, and that's why that room gets taken so much.

I can't see the names in the Members List What do I do? Go into a big room, usally #TeenFlirt and scroll to either the TOP or the BOTTOM(either way will work) but one or the other. Then re-join the smaller rooms.

I only see half the names in the Members List What do I do? Same thing as if NO ONE was in the members list. Go to a big room, and scroll to the top. Half the list comes from being partially down the list of members when parting a room. Java doesn't register all the names and send them to your screen if it's not at the TOP or BOTTOM when leaving a bigger room.

What do LMAO and LOL mean? Here are your most COMMON abbreviations* and internet slang*:

Abbreviation Meaning
brb Be Right Back
BBS Be Back Soon
BBL Be Back Later
lol Laugh out loud
lmao laughin' my @$$ off!
rofl rollin' on the floor laughin
bbiab be back in a bit
=P sticking out yer tongue
=),=( smile, frown
=\ confused
j\k just kidding
DIE!!! U better run
Mod @Moderator status
*More will be added as I have time, and think of them =)

What is an OUTSTANDING PROMPT? This is a message displayed by the server to tell you, that you have yoo many windows open already. A window can be anything that comes from this site. Windows are USUALLY p2p's, Room Options, or System Messages(easily displayed by typing / by itself in ANY window where text can be entered.

What are some COMMANDS I can use while chatting here? The following are useful commands that will help you navigate through Chat-Web a little easier. NOTICE ALL OF THE COMMANDS start with the slash(/). That is what tells the site what to do. EXAMPLE: if you want to change your nickname to Prince_Vegeta you would type [in the text box] /nick Prince_Vegeta . If you leave out the / and type nick Prince_Vegeta you will type that in the room you are in and will probably be laughed at.

Simple Commands
Command What it does
/kick nick message This kicks the person "nick" with whatever you say after it in your "message" *kick messages may ALSO be in color
EX: /kick Mob|Away| 0wned!
/nick newname Changes your NICKNAME without disconnecting.
EX: /nick LuckyGuy31
/admin Tells what Administrators are CURRENTLY ON-LINE
/stats /stats o : Lists Administrators(ON and OFF-LINE)
/stats k : listes the K-lines on a server.
/stats q : lists the PROHIBITED NICKNAMES(if any) on the site.
/stats u : tells you howlong the server has been running.
/stats i : lists the user IDs being used currently.
/profile nickname lets you VIEW the profile of nickname. Also can be used to p2p someone. Once you have the profile up click the p2p TAB on top.
EX: /profile XcALiBrE
/msg nickname message p2p's nickname if they are not in the room
EX: /msg xcalibre Hi.
/notice nickname message sends Nickname a PRIVATE message.. NOT a p2p
EX: /notice xcalibre Hi.
/info Tells info about the server.
/options gives you the chatting options, like COLOR text, and memos
/away message when a message follows the away, it sets you as away. If you type /away by itself it unmarks you as away.EX: /away pimpin'
/join | /room This is used to join a room or create a new room IF and WHEN the server allows. to join the room #opers you type "/join opers" Or you can type "/room opers"
/me message type this in the room. If you type "/me kicks John for bein' so smart!" and your on the nickname Micah, Your text will read "Micah kicks John for bein' so smart!"
/mode /mode #roomname [ +/- ] [ bvoskl ] [ nickname/password/number ]
+b someone bans someone -b someone unbans them
+v John36 voices John36, and -v John36 DeVoices him in your room
+o b00n will make him Moderator, and -o b00n will take it away.
+k password "/mode #opers +k ph33r" makes the pass to join #opers to ph33r
+s makes the room secret. Anyone other than people in the room, and Administrators can NOT see your room in the list, but may still join, if they know the spelling of the room.
+L sets a limit of how many people can join a particular room.
EX:/mode #opers +l 15 This limits the number of people that can JOIN opers, to only 15 people.
/names This one's really great if your wanting to get in #Chat-Hall(usually cuz it has a pass) and you want to know what it is. type "/names #chat-hall" will return in the SYSTEM MESSAGES Window the names of everyone in the room. Moderators have the @beside their name but ANYONE in the room(if they know what they are doing) can tell you the pass on a room.
/ignore This is handy if people are harassng you. you can ignore a member 2 ways
#1 type "/ignore john36" This will ignore john36 ONLY
#2 Right click their name, in the members list and select "Ignore Members Doamin"
Ignore Domain, is great because it keeps that person no matter WHAT NICK THEY USE from talking to you. if you do it on a popular domain such as *!* you won't get messages from ANYONE on the server with So be careful how you use it.
/who "/who" by itself displays EVERYONE on the server. Usually so fast u can not get the first half of the names.
"/who *g" will display everyone with a "g" ending either their NAME or their HOST.
"/who X*" will tell you EVERYONE on the server who's NAME or HOST starts with an X
"/who *" will display EVERYONE in the room your currently in.
/services /services set John51 private ON Sets John51's profile to PRIVATE.
/services kick #roomname Nicknames message. ONLY OWNERS, and ADMINS can use this.
/services set John51 pass NEWPASS changes John51's password to NEWPASS
/services set #opers transcripts ON turns the transcripts for #opers ON and records them
/services RESET #roomname (password required unless Administrator does this.
/services Ghost nickname(password required unless an Admin issues this ghost).